Friday, June 15, 2007

What is a Man?

If you don't know about this case--if you do not understand how the attempted legal frame up of three Duke Lacrosse players on rape charges strikes to the deepest core of race/class/victimhood/entitlement and the end of Western Civilization as we know it, well, you'd better educate yourself:
Reade's video testimony

History, analysis, and commentary on the case can be found at: Durham in Wonderland

Anonymous Bosh said...
RE: Manning up and controlling the tears.

I used to be a tough SOB, loved my career in the military, hunted for pleasure, poor as dirt (but no longer).

I have posted maybe twice on this case (and I have been following since the very beginning). Lemme tell you something:

I had to close my office door during testimony so my freakin' subordinates do not see my crying.

This whole g-dd-mn case strikes to the heart of being a man, of the danger we face in a time when roles are changing, when "classism" and victimhood trump individual effort and initiative.

Among nightmares for a man, being attacked by a woman (and then by "the authorities") ranks right up there. When a woman strikes you, you can't strike back; hell, you can't even explain yourself without looking foolish.

Why did Reade cry? Because the whole thing is absurd, overwhelming, and damn frightening. You will note he did NOT cry when confronted with the New Black Panthers--fear does not make us cry. Emotions become overwhelming when you force a man to ADMIT and EXPLAIN his fear (rather than confront it), to REVEAL his vulnerability, what we sometimes call "weakness"; THAT is what is just too much for the action-oriented, non-introspective, somewhat-less-sensitive half of the population.

Reade was attacked in a way that left him unable to respond. In re-telling the story, in sharing his helplessness (utter humiliation for a man--not just a male but a MAN), the only outlet--in the formal courtroom context--for the resulting psychic turmoil was through his freakin' tear ducts!

Mine too, g-dd-mnit.

Reade is more man than most of us can ever hope to be--and some males really resent that.

God bless you, Reade Seligmann.

[ed. note: where I wrote "Reade is more man than most of us can ever hope to be--and some males really resent that," I should have said "certain elements--males among them--really resent that." I was referring to, e.g., academic Feminism, socialism, marxism, entitlism, victimism, communism, and the general undermining of Life as we know it.]

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