Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Karmic Spark

Ah, I was afraid the spark had gone out...

I was assaulted on my way to the office today (yes, this pleases me in a perverse way). Littering really bothers me, so when I saw a couple drop their losing lottery tickets to the ground, I picked them up with a "lemme get that for ya; the trash is just up ahead." The guy went ballistic--chest to chest, in my face, his bad breath and spittle getting all over me. He explained all that he wanted to do to me, but when I invited him to make good on his offer he wasn't quite sure what to do. His lovely wife, with baby strapped to her chest, no less, dropped her cigarette in order to poke me in the chest demanding that I back of from her dear hubby (that part was a bit weird--clearly they were made for one another).

The guy then backed up, went to throw his $3.35 iced coffee at me, but Newton's laws being what they are, managed to get the bulk of it on his $100 Official MBA team shirt. Nice. As for me--I stand by my L.L.Bean "stain resistant" slacks--the coffee that made it to my leg beaded up and rolled off (although my socks got wet).

After their departure (never a cop when you need one), the skittish crowd that had, apparently, been cowering behind mailboxes and street lamps tsk-tsked the couple's behavior, touching my hand about how "you were right to do that," etc. Where was my back-up when under attack, I ask you? (Reminds me of the time in high school when, confronted by a few football players and refusing to back down, my band buddies--complete with heavy instruments--neatly dissolved; thanks, buds.)

The guy would've wiped the pavement with me, but no matter. Littering--especially blatant, mindless littering--really bugs me.

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