Monday, June 18, 2007

Sum-mer, We're All To-Gether

This post, from a year ago, still gets me misty eyed: Camp Q

My children are being prepped to attend "away camp." Big bucks, but the investment is well worth it. Not that we are real "helicopter parents," but it is useful for children to be out on their own (with appropriate, other-than-mama supervision).

If I could put together money enough quickly enough, retiring to the life a full-on seasonal camp counselor would be high on my list of lifestyles... I would consider a high-school math teacher, but I am unimpressed with other people's children (one assumes that those willing to send their children away to camp for the summer might share at least SOME of my self-sufficient outlook...).

On a related subject (and related, I suppose, to Father's Day as well), let us acknowledge and accept: Different Parenting Styles

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