Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wine Club Review

What was once here in now here.

I plan to review those wine clubs that I use, whether they are discount wine clubs, premium wine clubs, or what have you.

Wine Clubs in my repetoire now include (in descending order of preference):
Wines Til Sold Out ( Great values, ever changing
My Wines Direct ( ; good wines at great prices (Grab coupons/discounts at
Wine Library
Wine Woot! ( good stuff, but only one deal a week

I still think Four Seasons Wine Club ( was worth my while, if at least to get a starter kit, some neat chatchkes, to acclimatize myself to actually spending some benjamins, and to find out what I don't like... Great marketing materials, though.
Wine Insiders ( I have given up on them--lousy wine, so-so prices, slow delivery. Did I mention lousy wine?

Still waiting for an opportune moment to give Wine Monger ( a try. Also, The Wine Buyer (; same deal.

Now I have gotten into the wine tasting scene; no, I do not bring my own wine glasses! I *especially* enjoy those shoppes that offer an instant discount on wines bought at the tasting (ALL shops should do that, in my opinion). 20% seems a nice round number.

4seasons wine club review: better clubs in the long run (or even your local shoppe's bargain bin).
Wine Insiders wine club review: bleh.

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