Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wicked Busy

Sorry: I am, as they say in local parlance, wicked busy! But given the current state of air travel, I was unsurprised to have an, uh, opportunity to read Boston's local paper from front to back.

The Boston Glob seems to have gone (even further) downhill since its purchase by that epitome of evil empires, The New York Times ("All the News that Fits Our Agenda"). In but its most recent egregiousness, their magazine printed an article (the latest installment of the NYT's long-term assault on marriage) that I just couldn't leave alone. My latest rant there is here

As an aside, I am trying to decide on a snappy distinction between Liberals and Conservatives (ed. note: as distinct from Democrats and Republicans, given that, in this country, the politicians are more or less indistinguishable, once you get beyond dollars allocated to pet projects. G-d I sound like a crank...). So far, it seems to me that:
  • Conservatives assume that everyone is, indeed, created equal and, hence, smart enough to exercise individual judgment, rights, and choices; accepting, of course, the requisite responsibilities and consequences.
  • Liberals assume that everyone (everyone else, that is) is a dumb-ass, needs to be protected, and instructed as to what is good for them.

Not very snappy, I know. But fairly accurate, I think.

Conservatives believe the Constitution applies to everyone; Liberals believe it applies to everyone else.

I dunno; help me out here.


trip said...

Trying not to be slanted:

Liberals subjugate ownership, while conservatives enforce it.

I'm no help.

Anonymous Bosh said...

It's tough, especially because I am using the terms in a very narrow sense.

I consider myself liberal (or at least libertarian) in that I really do not care what folks do in the privacy of their homes (so long as they are not hurting anyone and all consent).

But I am continually outraged over smarmy, affluent liberals whining about poverty (John Edwards? Clinton? KERRY?!) when they know nothing about it (okay, maybe Bill *remembers* poverty...).

Further, liberals tend to legislated damage, but then absent themselves from that damage (Ted Kennedy, engineer of our immigration policies for the last 30 years or so, does not exactly walk among the common people...).

The real difficulty, though, is I do not really want to sound like a crank: I care about the success of individuals, I care about the earth (or its corollary, i.e., I dislike waste and damage), I care about equality of opportunity (but certainly not of outcome), I are about law and order, and I care about human rights (in fact, putting my money where my mouth is and served in the military).

Ah well, thanks for your thoughts! I should stay away from the political realm and focus more on figuring out individual happiness.